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DULUTH TRADING COUPON: $19 off a $199 DEAL on Amazon or Barnes & Noble | The Huffington Posts


— Amazon.com has extended the offer for a discount on the company’s Kindle Unlimited plans to a new range of devices, including the new Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite 2, the company announced Wednesday.

Amazon will also give readers a 15 percent off coupon for a Kindle Unlimited subscription with the new devices.

For those who want a little extra cash, Amazon is offering a free Kindle Voyage for those who purchase at least $99.99 worth of Amazon items and a 15% discount on Amazon purchases for anyone who buys a new Kindle or Kindle Paperbook device.

“This is an awesome deal for anyone in your life,” Amazon said in a statement.

“You can get this discount by signing up for Amazon Prime with a Kindle and the Kindle Paper White 2, or by purchasing a new Amazon Kindle Paperlight.

You’ll get 15% off on all purchases and you’ll get a 15-percent discount on all Kindle devices.”

Amazon’s Kindle Prime program allows customers to pay $99 a year and get access to Amazon’s e-books and video content.

Prime members get unlimited access to all of Amazon’s digital content, including Kindle books, movies, TV shows and music, as well as the Amazon Video service.

The Kindle Paperblack and Kindle PaperWhite 2 are the only Kindle devices that offer unlimited access and are not on Amazon’s Kindle subscription plan.

This is the first time Amazon has extended its offer on these devices.

Earlier this year, Amazon offered a discount of 15% on Amazon orders over $99, up to $99 per month, to all Kindle and Kindle e-readers.

Users who signed up for the discount through the Amazon Prime program got an additional 15% in coupon credits and could use that credit toward a new subscription.

Earlier this month, Amazon extended the discount for all devices to $199 and it extended the coupon offer to all devices for $49.99, $99 and $99 plus shipping for the Kindle Voyages, Paperwhite, Paperblack, PaperBook and PaperPad.