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How to trade on your phone, using a chatbot

How to use a chat bot on Android to trade your shares on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit without any human interaction.

You don’t need to know anything about trading to use this, but the steps are very simple.1.

Open up your stock market app, or app that you use for trading.2.

Click the “Trade” button.


Under the “Investment Options” section, click “Invest” and select “Share options”.


Select your share from the drop down menu.


Under “Options” select “Options to trade”.


Choose the “Shares” option.


Select the “Set as Bid/Ask” option under the “Ask” column.


Under option “Ask”, click “Ask”.


Enter the exchange rate you’d like to trade.


Click “Submit”.


If everything works correctly, you’ll see a message in your chat box asking if you’d rather trade with the bot or a human.

If you choose the bot, you can also select the language you want to use and the time zone.

You can also set the bot to send you a confirmation email once you’ve made a trade.2/3 If you don’t want the chatbot to send a confirmation, you need to set a time limit.

You can do this by tapping the “time limit” button in the bottom right hand corner.4/3 The bot won’t send any notification if you exceed the time limit, but it will let you know when you’ve reached the limit.5/3 Tap the “send” button to send the bot an email.

If you’re going to use the chat bot for a longer term, you should set a “continue trading” option to let it know that you’re not happy with how things are going.1/3 If you’ve followed these steps correctly, your trade will have a notification at the bottom telling you how much you’ve bought and how much the price has gone up. 2/7 The bot will let the user know if it’s profitable and if it should stop trading or stop trading and buy more stock.

1/7 If you’d prefer to continue trading, tap the “continue” button under “buy” and the bot will give you an option to buy or sell more shares.

If your stock is trading, you may have to enter the trading price in the bot’s exchange rate box.

If the price is higher than what the bot thinks it should be, it will ask if you would like to sell.

If the bot is trading with the human, the human will give the bot a price to buy.

6/7 Tap the trade button to start trading.

Your trading history will be saved in the stock market apps, which you can view and edit in the future.