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The future of paper trading is in the hands of the people

With paper trading and online payment still in the realm of the speculative and speculative-minded, there’s one more piece of paper that has been left out of the equation: paper notes.

Paper notes have long been used in many different contexts.

They’re used as currency, payment for goods and services, as currency notes in a bank account, and even in the process of a trade.

But the digital era has led to the introduction of digital tokens, tokens that are issued in exchange for digital assets.

In Australia, paper notes are no longer used as money in any meaningful sense, and are replaced by digital tokens.

With digital tokens being used in ways that no one anticipated, and with paper notes becoming more and more useless, the paper market will eventually be able to offer its paper trading to people outside of the traditional paper-based economy.

The future paper market has been under-explored, and the paper-market economy is about to explode.

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