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What is bullseyes trading? | MTV News

The trading of stock is a staple of Wall Street trading and has been since the advent of the market.

Bullseyes trades are usually made with a computer and can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to complete.

Bulls have been used to track price movements since the 17th century.

The term bullseyez has been used by many people to refer to a trade that involves a computer.

But the term was coined in the 1920s by a professor at Columbia University, who used the term to describe a trade in which a bull or bullsh*t trader would trade a stock in exchange for cash.

Since then, the term has been applied to virtually any stock or currency that is traded on Wall Street.

It is often used in connection with trading stocks in the form of “bricks” and “bond” or in other terms such as “ticker” or “bump.”

It has become a common term to use when discussing trading on Wall St. and the value of stocks.

The main difference between bullsh*,t trading and bullseyee trading is that a trader uses a computer instead of a bull to move stocks.

The term bullsh^e trading is also known as “trading on the run” or trading with the hope of a higher price later.