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How Buffalo’s trading system can be used to track trades after hours

By Tom Cairns, Reuters • BERNIE BRUCE BRUDELEE has a new job.

But the former Wall Street banker who once led Goldman Sachs is still paying the bills.

His bank, Buffalo Trading Co., has announced he is leaving to join its investment banking arm, the Buffalo Stock Exchange.

Buffalo Trading is the largest shareholder in the exchange, which is a subsidiary of the Buffalo Billion Fund.

Buffett, 81, who also runs Berkshire Hathaway, which owns a minority stake in the company, has made it clear that he wants to retire.

Buffetish was one of the most prominent figures in the financial crisis that devastated the U.S. economy.

But its management style has been criticised for not providing enough support to distressed investors.

The Buffalo Stock exchange is one of four listed exchanges in the U, including the Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange and London Gold Exchange.

It has been trying to diversify its trading by offering shares to institutional investors.

Buffette is known for his support of smaller investors, and he has a history of helping companies in need of capital.

Buffy said he would help to run the exchange as a director, but he has said he is also looking for a more permanent role.

He also said he had not yet decided whether he would continue to invest in the market.

Buffenberg said in a statement that he will remain an adviser to the company and that the bank would not comment further on its trading strategy.