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When Futures Trading Hours Go Down (So Do Stock Prices)

Futures trading, which was once the norm, has become more of a relic and a novelty for most people today.

However, if you’re a trader and you like stocks, stocks will probably stay higher for longer than normal.

You may even be able to make a decent profit out of the stock market.

So, if stock prices are in a slump, how much longer can stocks stay higher?

It depends.

Here are the top stocks to watch out for this year:Apple Inc.:Apple stock is currently up over 5% this year.

It’s currently trading at $207.10 per share, which is up from its last closing price of $185.30 per share on Feb. 26.

However the company is still in the red and its market cap is only $3.3 billion.

The company is expected to report its third quarter earnings this week.

Microsoft Corp.:Microsoft is expected for its earnings report on Wednesday, Feb. 20, which should be a big one.

The Windows maker is expected at $9.7 billion in earnings, which would put it on pace for a $10.3 million profit for the quarter.

Microsoft will also be reporting on revenue this week and will be expected to post a strong fourth quarter.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is up 0.4% this morning, which means it is still up over $20 per share.

The S&P 500 (SPX) is down 0.1% and the Nasdaq Composite (IXC) is at 3,621.47.

That’s a lot of excitement for investors who are looking for higher returns.

Shares of Apple (AAPL) are up more than 1.8% this month.

Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) are down 0% and Apple (APPL) is currently down 2.2%.

Shares of Amazon.com Inc (AMZN) are still up about 4.5% this week, but it is currently trading around $27 per share after posting a profit of $3 billion for the fiscal year.

Shares are up 0% this quarter and are up 7% in the year to date.

Shares in IBM (IBM) are now down 3.5%.

Shares in Google (GOOG) are currently up about 10% and are trading at about $54.15 per share in the market.

Shares in Facebook (FB) are trading up about 13% and have surged nearly 20% this day.

Shares at IBM, Facebook and Google are up almost 20% and down less than 7% this time of year.

The Dow Jones is up 5% over the past week and the S&p 500 is up 1.7%.