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The New Scooby Doo Movie: ‘The Return of Scooby’ and the ‘Alpaca Trading’ Movie Source MTV News

A new movie about Scooby-Doo, The Return of Scoochie, and the Alpaca Trade is headed to theaters this year, Variety has learned.

The movie will be produced by Scooby creator Peter Sciretta and will be a remake of Scoobies original 1998 film, The Alpac Trading Company, which was directed by James Vanderbilt.

The Alpac Trading Company is based on the Scooby and the Bandit franchises and stars Bill Pullman as Scooby the cat, Kevin Clash as Alpacs, and Josh Lucas as Alpac.

“Scooby-doo is a beloved family franchise and we wanted to make a film that brings it back with a new spin,” said Scirettas co-writer Peter Scribe.

“We wanted to bring Scooby’s classic gangsters, Alpac, back into the limelight with a fresh twist.”

The Scooby Movie is expected to hit theaters on August 15, 2018, and will star Bill Pullmans Alpac as Scoobys original gangsters.

The cast will include Matt McGorry, Michael Ian Black, Peter Scratch, and James Vanderbilt, along with new additions Mark Hamill and Paul F. Tompkins.

The Scooby Trading Company was originally released on DVD in 1994 and is widely considered one of the best films of the 1980s.

The original Alpac trading company is featured in the animated Scooby, which premiered on Disney Channel in 1991.

In 2016, Alpact Trading Company starred Peter Fonda as Scoobi, Bill Pullson as Alpo, Michael J. Fox as Alpa, Peter Fincher as the Alpac Brothers, and Tim Curry as Scooba.

The new movie will follow Alpaco’s quest to regain his lost fortune after he loses his home to foreclosure.

Alpac and Scooby have teamed up for several adventures in the Alpinestars cartoon series and have been seen in animated films, live-action television shows, and feature films.