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How to get into the world of cryptocurrency and its ICOs

What if there was a way to get in on cryptocurrency, and that was to invest in the company that was running the ICO? 

Well, that’s exactly what one Canadian startup is hoping to do. 

The startup, Earthbound Trading, is aiming to do just that, and it will allow investors to “trade their cryptocurrencies and receive exposure to new crypto-assets.” 

This is not something new. 

Last year, a British startup called CryptoVault launched a similar offering to the one Earthbound is trying to launch, and the company also offers a “CryptoTix” program for people to buy shares of the crypto-currency at an initial price of 0.5 bitcoins, or $20. 

That program was shut down after a few months. 

Earthbound says its program will be different than the CryptoVaults. 

In fact, the startup is looking to change the way investors approach ICOs, instead of being drawn into the hype of a certain company and their IPO. 

“The CryptoTix system is designed to incentivize investors to enter the crypto market with the idea of owning an equal amount of cryptocurrency,” the company says. 

To get into Earthbound’s program, investors will need to make an investment of between $20 and $250, but they will also be able to earn “reward tokens” for investing in the crypto. 

According to the startup, those tokens will be exchanged for “a portion of the cryptocurrency’s price.” 

The company plans to start accepting pre-orders in November, and will have the cryptocurrency listed on its platform in early January. 

But Earthbound says it wants to offer investors a way into the cryptocurrency ecosystem before its token launches. 

It is offering three types of token: Earthbound Tokens (ETNs), Earthbound Token (ETP), and Earthbound Crypto Token (ECNT).ETNs are the basic cryptocurrencies that Earthbound offers, which will allow people to invest as little as $100 into the company.ETP tokens are the ones that the company plans on offering for pre-order, and ETCs will be the ones you will be able pay for with.ETNs, for example, will earn a 0.25% commission, while ETP tokens will earn 5% of the value of the ICO. 

CryptoTokens are the cryptocurrency token pairs that the startup plans on introducing, which means you will only be able buy ETPs from the company, not the tokens you would be able in the CryptoTiques program. 

ECNTs are the “second wave” of tokens, which is what Earthbound has in store for you. 

These tokens will give you access to the entire Earthbound platform, including all the pre-sale and launch information, but also tokens that will be redeemable for Ether and Ether Lite.

Earthbound is planning to offer Ether tokens, Ether Lite tokens, and Ether tokens with different price ranges. 

Ethers will sell for 1 ether, Ether Lites for 1,000 ether, and ether tokens with a 0% commission will sell at 1,250 ether. 

And you can earn Ether by buying Ether Lite from the ICO, so it’s best to buy Ether in advance to avoid the hassle of waiting for the crypto to sell out. 

ETP and ETP Tokens will give your investments a 0%. 

ECN tokens are a new addition to Earthbound, which are designed to allow investors the same opportunity to buy ETC and ETR tokens, as Earthbound does with ETH tokens. 

For the time being, the company is also offering a token called the Earthbound Digital Asset Fund (EDAF), which will provide investors with exposure to the company’s crypto-asset portfolio. 

This fund will be used to buy ETNs, ETC, ETP, and ETN tokens, while the ETH tokens will only have a 0%, and ENT tokens will have a 1% commission. 

If you are interested in investing in Earthbound and want to take advantage of the EarthBound trading program, you can sign up for the program here. 

There is no minimum amount of Ether you will need for the ETC token, and EarthBound says you will receive the ENT and Ether Lite tokens for every Ether you invest. 

A spokesperson for Earthbound said the program will start in early 2017, and is scheduled to end in February 2018.