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Microsoft announces new digital trading card database for Windows 10

Microsoft has unveiled its new digital card database, which will make it easier for retailers to manage their own cards.

The new database, called Windows 10 Trading Cards, is a key part of Microsoft’s strategy to improve customer experiences and improve its cloud-based service for online retailers.

It will make card-related trading more accessible to customers, making it easier to manage and manage the cards on a customer’s account, Microsoft said in a blog post published Wednesday.

It’s the first time the company has announced its card database on its platform.

In April, it announced a new service for its Office 365 users called Azure Cards that includes a centralized system for managing cards across all Microsoft services, including Windows, Windows Server, Azure and Office 365.

Microsoft said it’s adding the new trading card system to Windows 10, adding that Microsoft’s cloud platform will provide a more unified interface for card management across all of its services.

Microsoft also announced new features for Microsoft Office 365, which it said will make managing and managing Microsoft Office files easier and more convenient for users.

The company said it will also continue to offer support for Microsoft’s new cloud-enabled Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications.