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A new Pokemon trading card game is coming to India

A new trading card-based game called Pokemon Trading Card Game (PTGC) has been announced for India by a new company called Trading Paint Iracing, which is currently in the process of setting up its business.

The game will be launched at the beginning of 2019 in the country, according to the official announcement.PTGC will be a “premium” card game, with a suggested retail price of Rs 15,990, a game that is not limited to one player per account.PTCCG has set its aim to bring the Pokemon Trading Cards game to India, said the company, which has been working on its game for some time.PTTCG has raised $7.2 million in Series B funding round led by private equity firm CII Ventures, which had also invested in Trading Paint, PTTCG said in its announcement.

The company has already been planning to launch the game in 2019, with the first launch planned for early 2019.PTG has partnered with the Indian Gaming Board (IGB) for the game.

PTTC has partnered the IGB with the PTGC team.PTECG is a leading gaming brand in India and was founded in 2014 by the founders of trading paint.PTTTCG, which was founded by the family of trading paints, has raised over $5.6 million in funding from private equity firms including Kalaari Capital, Tiger Global and CII Venture.