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Trade Deadline: What to know and do

Trading on the open market is no longer an option for many teams.

As the NHL’s trade deadline approaches, the league will start looking for offers.

The latest news and analysis on the NHL trade deadline will be available at NHL.com/trade deadline.

To help you understand how the trade deadline works, NHL.ca takes a look at how the NHL currently handles the trade of players, draft picks and draft slots.

First, here’s a breakdown of the types of trades the league has handled:The NHL is also offering a $200,000 bonus for every trade that is completed by Jan. 9.

For a team that completes a trade on the deadline, that will net a team $5.75 million in salary-cap relief.

The league has also agreed to make up the $250,000 for every team that is eliminated from playoff contention on Jan. 11.

The trade deadline is a pivotal moment for many franchises, and it’s a chance to move players, add assets and acquire draft picks to help the team compete at the next level.

To help you find all the trade-related news and information you need, NHL Insider’s Corey Pronman and Craig Custance have compiled a comprehensive list of NHL trade deadlines.