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When do the world’s biggest stocks move?

New York-listed company Wunderlich Group Inc., has announced that it will launch a new product aimed at helping its clients better manage the risks they take in a trading environment.

The new product will allow clients to better manage their investments by analyzing their own portfolio.

The firm has also begun selling a series of stock-purchasing strategies to its clients.

Wunderlich is one of the largest traders in the U.S., trading more than $1.5 trillion worth of stocks in the past year.

Wenzel said its new product is aimed at improving client’s understanding of their own investment strategies.

It is a combination of data-driven advice, a portfolio-based portfolio management tool and real-time risk information, he said.

Werlich has launched its product to help clients better understand their portfolios, he added.

Wunderheimer has been one of a few U.K.-based companies to launch a stock-buying program in the wake of the Brexit vote, which sent stocks soaring.